The idea was to create the artwork for a cooking book using own photography, that reflects a specific type of ingredients and products of a chosen country.

Since I'm from Colombia, I decided to pick my own country and explore some of the wide range of food options that Colombia has to offer. I needed to browse, retouch and adapt a series of photographs I've taken through the years.
Just like every single project, it all started with a series of sketches for the cover and the pages that indicate new chapters. 
The first sketches of typographical experimentation for the tittle design fo the Cooking Book
ABUELA in Spanish means GRANDMA.
I remember my grandma cooking when she lived in the countryside, using wood in a very rustic/stone-made "stove" for all the family when we visited her. I remember her food was always super fresh and really tasty. People in my country say that Abuelas add a secret ingredient and that gives their food that authentic and unique taste.

For the book front cover of this book I used a traditional: black pudding & yellow potatoes, known in Colombia as "criolla" potatoes. For the back, a picture of one of the oldest doors in the small village where my grandma used to live.
This photo shows a local seller with a large plastic container on his head, where he sells local hand-made snacks perfect for these moments when you get hungry on the beach. This snacks may vary from salty sausages/chorizos, to shrimps with Mayo and Ketchup or sweet snacks like shredded coconut with sugar and caramel. 
Butifarra is some kind of chorizo/sausage sold only northern part of Colombia
Coffee is a top product in Colombia and very famous world wide. Coffee couldn't just be forgotten in this book.
In addition to the book design an option of other assets for culinary tools were designed. Just a simple flat cardboard holding the tools as if they were ready to sell in a shop.
This is how the final design looked like
And this is how all of these elements looked like when printed and photographed. 

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