An art gallery was planning to create a brochure for its next special exhibition showcasing a number of world wide famous artworks from several well known artists. Eclipse wanted to create a unique experience for visitors and they needed to attract new ones with a brochure that was both attractive and simple. The body text, artist names and photographs was provided and it just needed a well designed 3-fold brochure that will stand out from the shelf. 
... and this is the flat brochure showing the front cover a details on the back.
I used my own photographs from some photo shoots and others from places I've travelled to. We needed to use these photos as if they were taken by the artists featuring the main exhibitions.
This is how they look on the inner pages of the brochure.
We also needed to design 2 spread pages as if we were designing for an annual report of the gallery. This time we needed to use images from internet but the design itself was up to us and also it needed to reflect the visual branding already stablished with the initial brochure design for Eclipse.
Here the Contents page of the Annual Report 2015, showing some of the artworks displayed in the gallery.
The second spread showing how the use of headings, subheads and body copy should be displayed. Also on the second pie charts and bar graphs showing an example of how to display data for this document.

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