Their Portfolio
iD has worked with several clients such as Lan, Milo, Allianz, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Hewlett Packard, TigoUne among others. 
Id Works as a Brand
This creative lab needed to establish the branding visuals, such as the way their logo should be displayed, the colours, typefaces and do's and don'ts when using their visuals. Here you can see the result after a considerable time spent building the brand with the owner and the creative team.
Website Design
A new look and a portfolio website that will attract more customers and provide an insight of what the creative lab is about. It should reflect the company's philosophy is doing things in an alternative way, creative and visually appealing.
Hopefully the needs were met and the goals accomplished.
Instagram Account
This brand has never had an Instagram account to promote their work, so I suggested and we created their account and we started developing the brand through this platform too.
This project was possible thanx to all the creative people who worked at the time I was working in iD. Works Studio, please visit their profile if you wanna see more of their work as I have learned lots from all of them.


Other Projects:

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