Matei, a young but powerful business man (with a James Franco look), is a successful entrepreneur who's leading the race with a young team of talented office workers are one of the many companies to emerge from the Cannabis Industry in Canada. On the other side, we have Jodi Emery, a Canadian Cannabis rights activists and politician. Jodi and her husband Marc Emery co-owned "Cannabis Culture" a business that franchised pot dispensaries, but later shut down by the police for being illegal.  
This demo-docummentary tells the story of the race between these two groups and the stage they're at with this process of making Cannabis legal in Canada in March 2018.
Based on the original idea of Ben Kaplan
Content development by Jodi Mercier 
Camera and Edition by Alex Verdugo.
This is a Demo Doc with original + internet footage with the ONLY purpose of having a visual product for the pitching purposes. Some of the b-roll visuals are not our own, but they were used as part of this products just to have an idea of what kind of b-roll would be ideally to shoot, once the project is approved and ready for further development. 
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