Messiah, questions human history, as we officially know it, combining all the religious theories of creation of life on earth and the most popular creators!
Call them Anunnaki, God, Buddha, Shiva, Allah or whoever you want.
Hand-drawn illustration of advanced alien race as this race would represent the Anunnaki.
Just like if Star Wars was real, we shouldn't think there's only one alien race. Some people call them the reptilians.
Hand-drawn illustration of what I would think the reptilians may look like.
In this Comic book you'll see the earth from outter space. You'll see how humans are destroying theiselves and how they're near to extinsion because of a global war. 3rd and final World War?
The Anunnaki will return to try to save the human race. But this time it'll be harder as humans have develop weapons that could destroy the planet earth in a matter of days.
Double Spread Pages of the comic book showing moments in history, evidence of extra terrestrial life on earth, ancient buildings, lost continents, The pyramids around the world, secret Area 51, Messiahs, world wars and the human civil war or world war 3.
The Bio Page of the Messiah - Saving Humanity from Humans.

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