Monkey aims to rescue those values of the 70’s,80’s, 90’s when rock and roll was the coolest sh**!! 

With so many new music generes, artists & urban cultures emerging everyday, Monkey wants to preserve and invite newcomers to feel what a good guitar riff, distortion or solo means to rock music lovers.
Initial Sketches for the logo, starting with the idea of the creation of a mascot but ended up with the word mark only.
The process of selecting the perfect red for both: Digital and Print.
Next was to create 4 promotional branded items:

1 –    Discount Cards / Flyers for the Friday 13th
2 –    A Home Page for their website
3 –    A Shopping bad and Price Tags
4 –    A wax seal, as they wanted to use it for the gift boxes and wraps. 

Other Projects:

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