NPS added workshops and classes to the list of services they provide in Melbourne and is a really fast growing company. 

As a Student of the Adv. Graphic Design program, my Program Coordinator offered me the opportunity of taking on this opportunity.
The current logo ver the final logo, where you can see just some minor adjustments.
The client was very specific of not trying to change their current logo, so I just adjusted a bit of it. 
I did not design this logo but I just adjust it for digital and print works in the future and for better resolution and display.
This is the one page style guide or visual branding book, where you can see the basic features of the NPS defined branding.
The client didn't want to change the typeface.
Image taken by me.
The Flyer
Once we got the style guide defined and approved, I started working on the flyer which was the priority at that time. 
Final Flyer Mock Up.
I do not own the photograph of Mr. Nevile French, the client provided to me.
Image taken by me.
Stationery & Identity 
Colours, materials, splatters of clay and a minimal design had to be reflected on the final stationery & identity proposal.

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