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Grupo EPM and Millicom International Cellular (MIC).
TigoUne asked the creative lab I used to work for, IdWorks Studio based in Bogota, Colombia to create the visuals of 4 different products for TigoUne who wanted to make things different and better on the year 2017.
Internal Training Courses
These re-planned courses may facilitate, be more efficient, accurate and provide time-saving training for new employees. These designs replaced, the classic and outdated power point courses they had in the past, with a fresher look, interactive multimedia and better feeling from feeling bored or annoyed with the training process.
Webpage Design
TigoUne experienced some problems with User Experience from their company's client portal. We just wanted to make things more simple. Reduce the amount of visuals the previous design had and be more straight forward with what the users ussualy need, prioritizing tasks as they navigate through the portal.
Digital Courses for Employees
As part of the Training Courses, the concept of the motion graphics for some parts of the training courses was designed by me and animated by other members of IdWorks Studio. The idea was to keep the corporate look the company had with better visuals. A more light kind of feeling and modernization touch on the final visuals for the training course.
Bus Stop Ad Campaign
The final product was an Ad Campaign they wanted to explore using the very popular social media applications interface, so they could reach younger generations and help them feel identified.
This project was possible thanks to all the creative people who worked at the time I was working in iD. Works Studio, please visit their profile if you wanna see more of their work as I have learned lots from all of them.
ID. WORKS STUDIO: Website – On Vimeo – On Instagram
TEAM: Gus – J Pekas – Aleja

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