The idea was to create an Integration Segment for a TV channel or social media. We needed to pick a brand and create a story, shoot and edit the final piece as if it was ready to air or upload to any social media channel. With the collaboration of my other group members and our teacher's guidance we came up with this final visual product.
* Disclaimer: – This is not a real Tim Horton's Ad. They had nothing to do with this project other than acting fictionally as if they were our client. – This is not a sponsored content.
The soundtracks I used were:
– The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Paul Cantelon
– Hallelujah Chorus by Händel Messiah
– Is This Love by Bob Marley
Project Crew:
Anisha Dhiman (Producer)
Lauren Alise (Actress)
Alex Verdugo (Editor)

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